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This is no ordinary Blog. This is no ordinary city. This is my city. I live here, I love it, and it is my home. The wealth of opportunity, fun, and fantastic business in this city is astounding, and all it takes to see them is a little imagination and a touch of adventure. Here is where the things I like, the fun things I do, and the businesses I love make it, in story. A blog designed on stories. Stories of this city. My city, and yours.

January is definitely slower than last year….

January 2019 The market is off to a slow start this year as predicted.  The listings are way up with 2,736 avctive listings compared to 1,947 last (up 40%) and the number of sales are down substantially with 216 sales this month compared to 363 last year (down 40%) The crazy thing is that prices [...]

RE/MAX Kelowna December 2018 update

It’s an Open House kind of Saturday! July 7th

Starting at 3528 Lac Le Jeune Drive East    11:00 - 1:00 Then on to 1267 Creston Place   1:30 - 3:30

March real estate snap shot

2018-3-23 Stats