Short term rentals in Kelowna

New bylaws to allow and regulate short-term rentals in Kelowna were adopted by Council on Monday, April 8. With the new bylaw in effect, operators can apply for a business licence starting Tuesday, April 23. Operators are encouraged to obtain a business licence by July 1.

Under the new rules, a homeowner or primary resident can legally rent their principal residence for periods of 29 days or less. Select tourist areas will continue to allow short-term rentals outside of an operator’s principal residence. Anyone operating a short-term rental must apply for and be issued a business licence. Council will consider a separate bylaw regulating short-term rentals in secondary suites and carriage houses later this spring.

Get a short-term rental business licence

If you intend to operate a short-term rental accommodation, you must hold a valid a business licence and display your licence number in any listings advertising your rental. The licence and fee is renewed and paid annually.

  1. Check the eligibility requirements, below.
  2. Complete a Business Licence Application Form and supporting documents, including a Self-evaluation Fire & Safety FormGood Neighbour Agreement Form, Parking Plan, principal residence status documentation (if applicable), ownership verification documentation OR Owner Consent Form, and Strata Consent Form (if applicable).
  3. Starting April 23apply for a business licence by email ([email protected]) or in person at City Hall. Staff will then follow up with you with payment instructions.
  4. Receive approval and follow the rules and regulations.


Principal residence $345
Non-principal residence $750


Short-term rental operator’s guidebookFind out everything you need to know about applying to operate a short-term rental within the new rules and regulations.